Alexander McNab
Managing Director

Alex has almost twenty years’ experience as an adviser, director and principal investor across a broad range of listed, private and not-for profit entities.  In the first phase of his career, Alex was a Manager at Bain & Company, a leading global strategy consulting firm.  In this capacity, he was based in Australia, Singapore and the United States, advising ASX-listed and multinational companies on strategy, growth, performance improvement and organisational design.

More recently, Alex was Chief Investment Officer of Blue Sky Alternative Investments, a Brisbane-based alternative asset manager.  In this capacity, he oversaw over forty significant transactions across private equity, venture capital, real estate and agriculture.  In addition, Alex sat on the boards of six portfolio companies, working collaboratively with executive teams to drive growth and value creation.  Finally, in his time at Blue Sky Alex developed significant listed markets experience, acting as an Executive Director of two significant ASX-listed entities and participating as a director and due diligence committee member in a number of capital markets transactions (including Initial Public Offerings and secondary offerings).

Alex holds a Masters of Business Administration (Distinction) from INSEAD, a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland, and is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon.


“Vitae summa brevis spem nos vetat incohare longam / Life’s brief span forbids thy entering on far-reaching hopes.”  Horace

VSB Advisory is named from the Latin expression “Vitae summa brevis”, which is loosely translated as “life’s brief span”.

We believe that life is short, and that we should all spend our time on the things that really matter; we seek to focus our attention on the issues that will lead to significant value creation, whatever that might mean for the people involved.

Furthermore, we treat Horace’s maxim as a call to arms, to live in the present and to maximise our impact in the short time that we are given by focusing on the things that we can do in the here and now.   We believe that the best way to build a better future is through the decisions that we make and the actions that we take today, and each day.  We believe that this emphasis on decisions and action gives our work a very practical and tangible edge.